Sonitecture: Module 1


Sonitecture: Module 1

Danny Hynds × KMD Embodied Media & Geist

Sonitecture: Module 1 is a sonic and sculptural installation. Several abstract beings respond to the audience’s presence and physiological sensing through responsive lighting and sound, creating a meditative and communicative feedback loop between the digital and the human worlds. *The photo is a sample image photo: Danny Hynds


Concept Design & Sound Artist: Danny Hynds (KMD Embodied Media)
Creative/Artistic Director: Akane Stephanie Ueno (KMD Embodied Media)
Technical Director: George Chernyshov (KMD Geist)
Technical Support: Lady Dingding Zheng (KMD Geist)
Physiological Sensing Algorithms: Jiawen Han (KMD Geist)
Wearable Device Design: Yulan Ju (KMD Embodied Media)
Fabrication: Hua Ma (KMD Future Crafts), Yan He, Rahul Mehta (KMD Embodied Media)
Technical Supervisor: Kai Kunze (KMD Geist)
Project Supervisor: Kouta Minamizawa (KMD Embodied Media)

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